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If you’re looking for Courier services above, just get in touch. There’s rarely a problem we haven’t faced and we’re happy to tailor services to fit your needs. This could include things like regular scheduled deliveries, delivering mailshots, or providing access to set vehicles and drivers whenever you need them.
International Special Express.
Specialize in bespoke or unusual shipments
Solutions for larger items or difficult freight
Offers specialist knowledge for imports and exports
Direct drive service for next day delivery within Europe
Dedicated team who manage shipments from start to finish
Economy International Service
Reliable delivery across major cities
Well-connected to Europe
Secure way of sending valuable items
Cost-effective solution for heavier shipments
UK National collections available
Real time GPS tracking of van and load
Electronic Proof of Delivery
Our Cargo

Courier and Logistics Skills

We offer world-class international courier services tailored to meet your individual needs. Wherever practicable for hyper-local collection and final-mile delivery we deploy our extensive and ever-expanding zero-emissions fleet.

If you are looking for an international courier that always goes that extra mile and enjoys a challenge – look no further

Chain Supply

Innovative Handling

We are a certified Independent Air Carrier (IAC) and licensed DOT company with common, contract and broker authority.

Customer Support

At Astrid Express Shipping Company, we totally understand how stressful unexpected shipping situations can be.

Reliability & Punctuality

The good news is that for well over a decade, the team at Astrid Express Shipping Company have worked hard to develop  trucking services that we just described.

Cargo insurance

International shipping is a constantly changing landscape, and in today’s trade environment, compliance and accuracy are everything.


Tracking Your Freight

In-Transit Tracking
Never take a freight-related service call again. We’ll handle tracking, reporting, and communication so you can focus on what matters to your business.
We always forvard on transportations

Quality and perfomance at the right price

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