The good news is that for well over a decade, the team at SOS SHIPPING COMPANY have worked hard to develop and hone exactly how to arrange the type of express trucking services that we just described. The better news is that you won’t even have to wait very long for your next shipment to begin its journey towards the people who need it the most – you’re literally just one quick phone call away from all of this and more.

The Express Trucking Broker Division of SOS SHIPPING COMPANY arranges Expedited Trucking & Hot Shot Delivery services door-to-door via authorized motor carriers throughout North America, regardless of your origin and destination we have the resources to arrange for the transportation of your Express Freight. We truly understand the express trucking business and the requirements the trucking company must have to complete the job. Let our Express Trucking broker team arrange for the delivery of your most critical freight with our reliable, secure, and on time freight broker solutions 24/7/365. Our experienced team of agents will work with you as a single point of contact and provide winning results that fulfill your business deadlines.