Technology for Precise and Certifiable Freight Measurement

Cargo space in airplanes is expensive and loading is a very complex issue. As a result, cargo companies rely on precise and certifiable measurements of the dimensions of packages and pallets. However, manual processes take too long and require trained staff. Freight values declared as too low are also problematic. The solution is to automate your freight measurement and ensure full transparency of “your” air freight.

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As a professional order fulfillment center , we have accesses to many different courier options, allowing us to get the best possibilities under the help of e-commerce business on your behalf.


SOS SHIPPING COMPANY Company is committed to keeping your supply lines as fast and flexible as possible. Whether you are correcting for a failed shipment or simply trying to speed up business as usual, we schedule cargo flights that will arrive the next day or even overnight. We will also charter air deliveries for you if regular airline schedules don’t meet your needs. Whatever logistical challenges stand in your way, our air freight courier services ensure shipping success.

Expanding Your Shipping Choices with Air Freight Couriers


We are a certified Independent Air Carrier (IAC) and licensed DOT company with common, contract and broker authority, we provide air and ground logistics services for Manufacturers, Distributors, 3PL, and other Logistics companies.

Our fleet of trucks and drivers provide the resources needed to support “last mile” logistics. If you need national distribution, our strategic partners can provide the solution you need, be it ground or air transportation. Our LTL solutions will provide you with a cost effective method of delivery offering optional services to include lift gate service at pickup or delivery, residential service at pickup or delivery, inside delivery and notification prior to delivery. No project is too large or small. We also provide recurring services as an outsource logistics solution to help our clients focus on their products and customers while we manage the transportation.