Intermodal Shipping 101: Go Green and Save with Intermodal Transportation Support
Find the right intermodal logistics partner for an enhanced intermodal shipping experience
Thanks to rising international trade, as well as volatile fuel costs and shifts in the labor market, demand for intermodal transportation continues to grow.

In fact, 2018 saw a record 14.5 million units moved via intermodal shipping—up nearly a million units from the previous year.

For companies interested in the economic and environmental perks of intermodal logistics solutions, SOS SHIPPING COMPANY offers time-tested, reliable services.

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Why partner with SOS SHIPPING COMPANY for intermodal transportation?
SOS SHIPPING COMPANY’s efficient, cost-effective shipping solutions optimize supply chains for customers around the world, making use of intermodal transportation’s many advantages, such as:

Reduced carbon footprint
Lower fuel expense
Decreased transportation costs
No third-party handling during transit
Deferred transit
Real-time visibility
Pickup and delivery flexibility
What is intermodal transportation?
Intermodal shipping combines more than one mode of freight container transportation—without handling the cargo during mode changes. In domestic shipments, intermodal logistics almost always refers to ground with ocean or ground with rail transportation.