Expand Your Global Reach with the Expert Sea Freight Forwarders
Enjoy flexible, cost-effective sea freight solutions, ocean shipping options
Ocean freight demand is expected to rise for the next several years—alongside increasingly formidable geopolitical factors. In the face of these challenges, including tricky customs and confusing tariffs, many organizations across a broad range of industries choose to partner with experienced customs brokers and sea freight forwarders.

Why? Because we’ll expertly handle the complexities of moving your freight around the world, so you can focus on what matters: growing your bottom line.

Choose SOS SHIPPING COMPANY’s global sea freight team for ocean shipping
Whether you’re shipping thousands of TEUs or the occasional less than container load, when you partner with us, you’ll enjoy access to:

More than 1,500 weekly direct services serving 100+ countries via the world’s largest consolidation network
Oversized, overweight, project and breakbulk cargo expertise
Strong relationships with core and niche carriers
End-to-end sea shipping visibility
24/7 customer support
And much more!